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About us

​Become a hub for day-to-day business

At its core, it is a project-oriented company operated in cooperation with outstanding business partners in China. Since the zero-corona era before our company was established, we have been developing business between Japan and China, primarily in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The past three years of the pandemic have created deep rifts between Japan and China, and we are seeing Japanese companies struggle to grasp new business trends.

Against this backdrop, we aim to leverage our geographical advantage in China and the strategic framework of our Hong Kong corporation to act as a bridge between Japanese and Chinese companies. Through this, our goal is to bridge the gap between business relations between Japan and China and deepen mutual understanding and cooperation. We also have a strong desire to create innovative and interesting projects and make business relations between our two countries more active and beneficial. Our company will transform into China's version of DMM, aiming to lead new trends in Sino-Japanese business and pave a new path for sustainable growth and prosperity.


Masato Yoshikawa

​Chairman & Chinese Business Influencer

Born in Kyoto / Graduated from Doshisha University / Studied abroad at China Young Political Science Institute

During his student days, he studied abroad in Beijing for a year, and after seeing the huge scale of China's economy, he decided to do business in China in the future.

After working for an HR company in Vietnam for 3 years (web marketing manager & corporate sales) and working as a sole proprietor in Tokyo, moved to Shenzhen in 2019.

2020: Co-founded Shenzhen Metal Technology Co., Ltd., a China-Japan reuse joint venture

2023 Yoshikawa International Trade Consulting Co., Ltd. established

X (formerly Twitter) followers: 25,000

China business trend community management

​TBS THE TIME, Overseas Correspondent

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